Violence Prevention & Response

We’re actively committed to countering violence against neurodivergent communities. This initiative tackles interpersonal violence, police interactions, and trauma induced by existing autism interventions. By establishing resilient support networks, crafting accessible tools, and raising awareness of harms caused to neurodivergent people, our mission is to build a more secure, accepting environment for neurodivergent people.


In the fight against interpersonal violence, we are committed to building a culture of empowerment for neurodivergent individuals. We seek to facilitate the development of supportive networks, actively promoting an environment where every individual feels safe and valued.


We understand that interactions with police can be dangerous for neurodivergent people. Our goal is to reduce harm through resources and education. We aim for safer experiences when interact with law enforcement.


In response to concerns about ABA's focus on behavior over emotional well-being, we are dedicated to promoting alternatives. We have established this prevention program and are actively encouraging a culture where BCBAs prioritize acceptance and understanding of diverse neurodivergent experiences.

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