Advancing Equality for Neurodivergent People

Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization rooted in the principles of disability justice. Founded and led by a team of racially diverse multiply-neurodivergent autistic people of marginalized orientations and gender alignments, our mission is to ensure equity, access, and fulfilled lives through inclusive, practical, affirming neurodiversity based programming and education. FDM utilizes effective, innovative, digital, culturally-responsive methods to serve a broad range of individuals, families, organizations, and providers across the globe.


Leading in Disability Justice

Our Initiatives

FDM’s initiatives serve a broad range of individuals, families, organizations, and providers worldwide.

Education and Engagement

FDM focuses on providing resources, education, and support to increase access within communities of all kinds. We believe that every individual deserves access to resources and education—and we strive to ensure that they get it.

Health and Wellness

FDM is dedicated to identifying healthcare disparities regarding multiply-marginalized autistic people, and providing education to healthcare professionals on that topic to improve patient care.

Violence Prevention and Response

FDM tackles the pervasive issue of interpersonal violence, police violence and abuse experienced by autistic people in our society head on. We provide resources for empowerment and hope for those affected.

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