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Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization rooted in the principles of disability justice. Founded and led by a team of racially diverse multiply-neurodivergent autistic people of marginalized orientations and gender alignments, our mission is to ensure equity, access, and fulfilled lives through inclusive, practical, affirming neurodiversity based programming and education. FDM utilizes effective, innovative, digital, culturally-responsive methods to serve a broad range of individuals, families, organizations, and providers across the globe.


As an all Autistic-run organization, Foundations for Divergent Minds recognizes the disparities for autistic people run deep. In education, healthcare, housing, jobs and community, our needs are frequently unmet. When you add in the intersection of race, sexuality, gender, class and other disabilities, these disparities stop being proverbial cracks to fall through and instead are deep chasms that seem impossible to cross.

We started with an important purpose. As our board member, Kassiane Asasumasu, has put it, we have a vision that “maybe breaking us isn't inevitable.” While this started with a way to support autistic and neurodivergent children in schools, at home and in the community, we don’t believe that’s the only way we can serve our communities.

Core Values


We embrace neurodiversity advocating for a society that respects and values neurodivergent people. Our mission is to affirm the dignity of all, celebrating neurodivergence as an integral part of the diverse human experience.

Disability Justice

Centered on disability justice, we strive for societal transformation that transcends accessibility. Advocating for dignity, autonomy, and interdependence, we acknowledge intersectionality and aspire for a world that genuinely respects and embraces all, regardless of their abilities.


We come from diverse backgrounds that are reflected in not only the projects we focus on, but in the very fabric of everything we do. In our mission statement, we state that we “ensure equity, access and fulfilled lives,” and it is our belief that this work starts within our own organization.

About the Divergent Minds Framework

The Divergent Minds framework is dedicated to fostering an inclusive society that values neurodivergence, by designing scaffolding systems of support to empower individuals across various facets of their lives in the foundatinal areas of:






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