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A Pie chart in the middle with 5 outer sections in red with a white swirl icon, yellow with a white paper and pencil icon, green with a white speech bubble, light blue with stick people and white speech bubbles, purple with 4 different smilies and inner circle in dark blue with white thought bubble icon with “Neurodiversity” above the thought bubble. Circling the pie chart are the words “Sensory Regulation” in red, “Executive Function” in yellow, “Communication” in green, “Socialization” in blue, and “Emotional Regulation” in purple.

“Change the language, change the game, change the way we support kids.”

Foundations for Divergent Minds (FDM) was built on the idea that parents, educators and providers in autism related areas have a responsibility to change the way we support autistic and neurodivergent children. Emerging research shows the detrimental effects of current models used in early intervention.

Instead, FDM wants to change the way those who care for the youngest autistic people think about autism and related disabilities. We do this by building on the principles of the Neurodiversity paradigm and Social Model of Disability.

“We can shift the paradigm from an idea of children as incomplete or lacking, to one that emphasizes communal responsibility, access and support.”


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